About Me

My Personal Mantra: BE = Breathe & Expand

Qigong and T’ai Chi have unveiled many things to me about myself. That’s why I am still practicing after 20+ years and still learning.

Learning is a lifelong process. I have learned many things about myself since I began my Qigong and T’ai Chi journey. Some of it not so great, but I also know that freedom always follows truth.

When I teach, I share personal experiences of what I have learned and what I am still working on in my life. I am far from perfect, and sharing my foibles with others lets them know, I too am constantly beginning again. I am relatable.

I am self-critical. I have learned this lesson over and over again. Qigong and T’ai Chi help me smooth out the rough edges and live with more softness towards myself. Am I perfect? NO. Instead, I choose to begin again with each breath, guiding my movements and choices inside the classroom and outside in everyday life.

I have been studying Qigong and T’ai Chi since the fall of 1997, with Master Sifu Jerry Gardner. He is the co-owner of Red Lotus School of Movement, in Salt Lake City, Utah. In January of 2009, I earned the title, and I am now recognized as Sifu Toni. Sifu (pronounced see-fu) means teacher. When I accepted becoming a Sifu, I promised to share and teach Qigong and T’ai Chi for the rest of my life.

I have been a staff member at Huntsman Cancer Institute, since 2014. I am part of the team in the Wellness & Integrative Health Center. I teach Qigong and T’ai Chi to patients, caregivers and staff. I believe that the Eastern Arts support traditional allopathy modalities. Participants learn the joy of letting go and being in the present moment (where there is no stress), which can be healing in and of itself.

I find that both Qigong and T’ai Chi are meant for each of us to have our own direct experience of slowing down, connecting with our lifeforce (Chi) and being present.

For me, the simple movements of both Qigong and T’ai Chi have taught me to listen to my body and be aware of how I feel, allowing my thinking mind take a back seat.

You can read about the all the benefits of these meditative art forms online, but there is no comparison to actually coming to a Qigong or T’ai Chi class. Experience the healing and stress-reducing benefits for yourself.

I offer both Qigong and T’ai Chi (yang-style) classes for individuals, and can be hired to come to your company to share the wellness benefits to your employees. (link here to that page?)