I have learned so much about myself, what is important to me, what brings me joy and focusing my energy there. Shifting my focus to how I desire to feel is huge, and taking 100% responsibility for my life, instead of being a victim and blaming circumstances. Does it mean every day is blissful? Hell no, but it does mean, I am more aware of how I feel, knowing I can change and expand my perspective.

Recently, I reread some entries from 2014, and thought I would share three of them with you. The first one I wrote, before my website went live it was entitled, Resistance. It seems more true today than it did back then. The simple, yet profound statement that Sifu continues to share with us, “When you come in contact with resistance, know it’s your own.”
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The second one, I wanted to share was inspired by the famous poem, The Risk to Bloom by Anaïs Nin.

And then the day came
when the risk to remain tight
in a bud was more painful
than the risk to bloom.

I feel, I am still risking to bloom everyday in my life and continuously realizing:

• every moment is a new beginning
• slowing down allows us to be more productive
• being present is a continuous process
• being kind and compassionate is our true nature
• change is constant

I continue to do my best to enjoy each moment as it arises, for there will never be another one like it.
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The third article, Slowing Down is Productive. Again, this seems more relevant now than it did five years ago, as our world seems to be speeding up. Today, while teaching outside at Red Butte Garden, I shared with students, one of my favorite quotes, a Spanish proverb, “How nice it is to do nothing and rest afterwards.” If you are desiring more clarity in your life, I invite you to slow down, start by reading this article in its entirety.
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Lastly, I want to thank you for supporting me these past five years. It is an honor to have you read my entries, come to my classes or simply share in real conversation. I love being in service, T'ai Chi / Qigong is my path, this I do know. Spreading chi love is what I choose to do, what I meant to do.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to BE. [Breathe & Expand]

photo: Prashant-Gurung, unsplash.com