With the moon fully covering the sun (in some parts of the world) it is a good time to acknowledge and honor your shadow side, as well as your Light. Once we can acknowledge we can let go and bring in.

Life is so T’ai Chi. Visualize for a moment the yin/yang symbol, white with a little black, black with a little white. We all have dark and light within us — which confirms to me why we are truly are all one.

Here’s some of my desires*:

I choose to LET GO of:

  • Second guessing myself. [PERIOD.]
  • Feeling guilty. [I won’t give you a long list — you can “fill-in-the-blank.”]
  • Saying the words, “I’m so tired.” [It is not doing me any good, and it could be confirming it … yikes.]
  • Listening to the busyness of my mind. [Please — just shut-up already]
  • Repeating the same mistakes. [I promise to learn from them instead.]
  • Apologizing for having had cancer. [It’s not my fault.]
  • Being so self-critical. [This is a big one for me.]
  • Feeling I am not enough. [Another biggie and I feel it in many areas of my life.]

I choose to EMBRACE:

  1. Listening to IT — my body. [IT = Intuitive Trust]
  2. Trusting the Unknown […and breathing into and through it]
  3. BE = Breathe & Expand [with my outward and internal awareness and compassion for others and myself]
  4. Non-Attachment [everything is temporary]
  5. Silence. [listening to understand]
  6. Real Conversations [continually learning from one another]
  7. Love & Joy [creating, spreading and sharing]
  8. Beginning Again [every day, every moment with each breath]

This is my idea of how to honor the energies, you can choose something that resonates with you. Writing and sharing is good for my soul. Feel free to comment below by letting me know what you choose to let go of and what you choose to bring in & embrace.

I was also inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s list of things to give up, you can read it here.

*Please know these are MY desires, wishes, prayers, and it’s a continual every day process. AND I give gratitude for it all.

photo: Alistair Dent, unsplash.com