Have you thought about what seeds you would like to plant within yourself this spring? If you were to plant some today, what would they be? [don’t know?] PAUSE from reading … and breathe deeply from your belly, the lower dantien, do this 3x and then ask yourself the question again. What seeds would I like to plant within? How do I want to feel? Don’t force the answer with your mind, feel for the answer inside you.

It can be anything, there is no right or wrong. For example, I am planting the seeds of radiant confidence and vibrant health. With experiencing my C-Adventure this past year, along with separating from my husband, I know these two seeds are what I truly desire.

So now what? You have an idea of the seeds you want to plant, but what do you do first? I know when I plant my garden outside, I usually have to weed BEFORE planting. Do you have some personal weeding you can do? Are there things you could let go of, get rid of, or change your perspective on something? Can you allow yourself to be teflon and not velcro?

When I was doing some weeding this afternoon in my backyard, I used the weeds as symbols of things I am choosing to let go of this spring. You could also clean out a junk drawer, donate clothes that no longer serve you, or even write a letter to that certain someone — no need to mail it. You can tear it up, or what I like to do, is burn it up and let the smoke dissipate into space. It’s simply letting go of thoughts, things [maybe people ;-] that no longer serve you and planting seeds that nourish who you are now.

Now once you plant your seeds, either by doing some Qigong, [which of course, I would encourage] writing them down in a journal, saying them out loud to yourself, or sharing them with a friend. Let them be — let them resonate and nourish inside your soul. In other words, do not be attached to a certain outcome. Non-attachment to the outcome allows you to expand your vision, without being put inside a box. Sometimes the best seed intentions grow into something more beautiful than we originally had envisioned. As I reminded the students today, it’s now what it looks like, it’s how it feels.

I can tell you from experience that I am not the same person I was before I had my C-Adventure. My perspective on life has been changed, it’s been twisted upside down, and it continues to expand, redirect and grow. I am doing my best to not overextend in my life, to say YES when I really want to do something and no when I do not. Choosing to feed my Soul with present moments of being-ness, knowing that all I have is the now. Isn’t it funny how the future, truly never arrives … because there is only the now.

I invite you to contemplate what seeds you do want to plant this spring, how do you want to feel? That is way more important than what you want to accomplish. Choose the feelings first and the action comes along with it. Feeling without force. Slowing down, enjoying wherever you are, not wishing you were someplace else. Since you only have now, what will do? What will you create?

I would love for you to share in the comments below. Happy spring!

photo: Red Butte Gardens, Toni Lock